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“For a long time, we shall have only to listen,
Not argue or defend, but listen to each other.
Let curses fall without intersession,
Let those fires burn we have tried to smother.”
-Invoking the Goddess

Devi represents the universal cosmic feminine Energy. This Energy permeates the whole Creation. The prosperity we enjoy in our daily lives manifests Devi, who serves us in many forms like our mother, father, friends, husband, wife, children, and the Guru. The revolving planets and the moon is Devi performing ‘aarti’ to us. Through Puja ritual, we say, “Oh Mother, whatever you bestow on me, I give back to you and share to those who need”. For instance, during the Puja, we offer food grains to Devi as Nature provides us with food as she is an expression of expanded consciousness showing reverence to all of Creation. The Puja that we perform during the nine days of Navratri is an honouring the Devi and showing our gratitude to the Mother Divine. In the same way, during the Yama Panchak, also known as Deepawali/Tihar, the festival of light, we express our gratitude to animals who sustain our lives and get blessings and empowerment from our sisters.

Our elders always reminded us, “There is Devi Shakti (Energy)within us all. She is not somewhere else or in other realms. If we allocate sometime each day, the glow within the body will radiate, and will expand and spread insideout. This is fruit of Devi Puja.”

During these Durga Goddess (Dasian) and Tihar festivities (festival of lights), divine blessings are invoked to obtain wisdom, acceptance and empowerment of three different types: Willpower, Power to perform the right action and Knowledge of proper manifestation.

Open for all, and we will be working online for six sessions, with each session lasting for two hours. Participants receive in-depth Knowledge about the role of Goddesses with a particular focus on creation, continuation and annihilation aspects. You will learn to create a ritual space to invoke the goddesses, ways to approach, specific rituals for healing, protection, etc.

The dates are fixed for transmission and practice unless we may have to change due to unforeseen situations. All sessions start at 8:00 PM local Italian time and end at 10:00 PM (two hours).

October 12 (Tuesday) – Fullpati
October 14 ( Thursday) – Mahanavami-Kalratri
October 19 (Tuesday) – Full moon
October 26 (Tuesday)
November 02 (Tuesday)- Kaag/Crow Festival – Tihar
November 06 (Saturday)- Bhai Tika – Sister’s Blessing Day– Tihar
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