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There are several services offering to help us connect using group discussions, and lately Bhola has been using Zoom to reach his students, which has been very successful.


These programmes are offered by Bhola Banstola, a long lineage Nepali Shamanism with many years of experience in providing knowledge and skills to both beginners and advanced practitioners.

Our weekends, and our short and long retreats, will introduce you to the traditional ways of the Nepali Shamanic Path, incorporating Shamanic active journeying by playing the drum and singing the sacred songs, part of the enormously powerful techniques used by our earliest ancestors to access wisdom beyond the range of ordinary senses.

Shamanism, as humankind’s oldest spiritual healing practice, helps us in addressing past events, enriching the present moment and envisioning the future. Universally recognized, spiritual healing supports our emotional and psychological health.

For millennia, Shamans have been using their gifts and sacred tools in healing emotional trauma, relieving anxiety and depression, reducing physical pain and helping their communities to live full lives with more security and confidence.

The different levels of transmission and empowerment help aspirants (students who aspire to develop these skills) to connect to sources of profound power and tap the soul’s infinite potential. Thus it opens ways to solve today’s challenges and help us feel more fulfilled, confident and joyful. Participants will also learn how to use time-tested methods to effectively receive guidance, visions, insights and healing tools for self-empowerment and helping others through rituals, dances, sacred songs, active journeying, mantras chanting, and of course drumming.

All our transmission and empowerment events are independent of each other. Of course, the necessary understanding and practice are both essential in order to proceed to deeper levels of training and experience, so we recommend that everyone attends the Introductory Transmission.

We are ready to travel to any destinations wherever there are people interested in discovering and immersing themselves in experiential aspects of the form of Shamanism which is a living tradition of the people of Nepal to this day.

Our transmissions are not limited to indoor practices, of course; we also offer outdoor ceremonies and practices in more remote natural surroundings.

We can arrange to guide and accompany any aspirants who are interested in deepening their practices in Nepal with Shamans of different cultural backgrounds, holders of ancient lineages, both men and women.

Thanks you and Namaste

Bhola Banstola
Mariarosa Genitrini





(JANUARY 30, FEB 6 AND 11, 2022)

This short, three-session Zoom course will focus on the very core of the Dhami-Jhankri Shaman’s work – the Mind and the Soul. This is very different from how these concepts are understood in the West and other Shamanism forms.
Participants explore the nature of Consciousness and the Soul, what it means in this cosmology, our work with the Deities and Spirits and more.
The Shaman’s body and the performance of ceremonies are unified with this Mind essence, and we will bring together such aspects as Trance, Dreams, Visions and Omens.
In this traditional context, only the ‘Saato’ part of the Soul can be lost or stolen, and you will learn about a specific ritual called Saato Bolaunu, which is used to restore it.
This transmission helps to understand the Shaman’s ‘spirit at work and how it may function on the recipient of their work, bringing a state of healing and well-being. We will also discuss the spiritual and emotional state of the recipient in the aftermath of recovery, dreams interpretation and more.

The Course is open to aspirants of any tradition, culture, spiritual practice and shamanism.

The transmission will be in English with a Nepali glossary of terms and phrases

Video recordings and short notes will be uploaded to the FB group page ‘only’ for the participants.
Besides the stipulated time, the participants will have ample time to discuss and Q & A sessions will be available.

Times: 20.00-22:00 Italian Time
Place: Zoom Online Event
For contributions and other details, please send an email at


  • Transmission on five gross natural elemental spirits and our relationship with them.
  • Creation of a sacred shamanic space (Thaan) and preparation of ritual offerings (Chadaunu) according to the traditional methods.
  • Transmission of methods of active shamanic trance states by rhythmic drumming and sacred chants.
  • Invocation of Jala Devi(the water spirit) for self-healing and healing others.
  • Creation of a sacred healing mandala (Rekhii).
  • A Group healing ritual.
  • Bhumi-Devi (Mother Earth) empowerment.
  • Protection and conclusion.

During this in-depth transmission on different shamanic realms, spirits, causes of disharmony and dis-eases, participants will learn about:

  • Healing Ceremonies of release
  • Transference
  • Different rhythms of ElementsRelated Sacred shamanic songs
  • Empowerment and Protection

Ancestors, lineage protectors and a personal spiritual teacher are the principal pillars of everyday lives.

Reconnection with the power of our ancestors and the Guardian Spirits of the Lineage for spiritual awakening, healing the lineage traumas and memories is primal. The training will include transmission of:

  • How to honour and propitiate Ancestors to receive their blessing and empowerment.
  • Important related rituals
  • Protection and Healing.

<p style=”margin-left: 30px;”>Among different sources and ways of ‘calling into the shamanic path’, abduction by the forest-dwelling primordial shamanic spirit is one—the role and influence of Nature, ecology and environment on our spiritual evolution. There will be tuition in:</p>

  • Journeys
  • Rituals
  • Empowerment
  • Group healing session
  • Other relevant transmissions.

The journey of the soul represents the cycles and passages of Life, including Rites of Passage, Death and Rebirth.

  • A shamanic rite of Kalachakra or Khadgo Katne, a powerful ritual capable of removing the seven or more types of obstacles will be introduced.
  • This will be followed by group experiential ceremony.
  • Participants will also have the opportunity to receive shamanic healing and learn how to work on others.
  • There will be an opportunity to experience the Siir Uthaunu ritual to empower life forces and group dances.
  • Participants will work with Ganyap (Ganesha, Ganapati) as one of the first archetypal shamans, the one who removes obstacles and bestows material and spiritual prosperity.
  • The Nine Planets and their role in our everyday spiritual path, health and harmony and important ritual to calm their adverse effects.
  • Through the Spirit of Fire, Agni Deo, participants take part in a ceremony to transmute obstacles in the path and ignite new energy and vigour.
  • After the Initiation of the Seed Syllables, Activation, Empowerment and raising the personal spirit, the retreat comes to an end.
  • The participants will learn the myths of the Kila, its manifestation as the world tree, grounding power and connector between the realms.
  • The Kila is used to extract spiritual illness, subdue and pin down the disturbing forces, cleanse spaces, charge healing waters and impart blessings and more in shamanic work.
  • Participants learn the sacred Kila mudras—the ritual handling of the sacred dagger—and how you can utilize this marvellous shamanic tool in your practice.
  • Kila mantra will also be transmitted and activated.
  • Individual empowerment, protection, harmony, balance, and raising innate power concludes the gathering.

Integrative Consciousness and the Sacred Serpent- Journeys to Nagas and ceremony to honour and petition them to bring balance within and without from a Nepali Shamanic perspective.

As the keepers of the land, water and subterranean regions and in-between spaces, their role in the well-being and balance between the universe and human beings is vital. Transmissions will include:

  • The importance of sacred places of Nature
  • Spirit presences and our relationship with them
  • Group Naag Puja will be followed by visiting a sacred water source and natural power place/s for a particular invocation and petition.

In-depth wisdom of the powers of feminine deities honoured in the Nepali shamanic tradition with a specific focus on Mother Kali.

  • Journeys and stories
  • reation of ground mandala (Rekhi)
  • Sacred chants and rituals
  • Participants will be accompanied to the realms of Kali through different paths.

She is not only a devouring wrathful mother but is also a compassionate, protective and healing mother.

Please Note:

The above information is only a summary of what will be offered, and very detailed information will be provided well in advance of any event.
We have decades of experience in training and in preparing people to apply what we teach to their own culture and personal circumstances.

Please contact us with any questions about the content of the events, travel and accommodation etc.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
Any events will of course take account of the special circumstances surrounding group events, travel and accommodation.


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