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Mt Kailash

(AUGUST 10- SEPTEMBER 2, 2021)
Nepal-Tibet-Mt Kailash

This unique once in a lifetime journey has been designed for dedicated participants who are interested in a powerful and challenging pilgrimage to the most sacred places in the Himalayan region, Mount Kailash.
During this pilgrimage, we will start the spiritual practices from Kathmandu itself which includes the ceremonies, empowerment, visit sacred places, propitiating the ancestors, the practices and rituals of ‘Chakra-Samhar’-the termination of a cycle, etc. Open to participants of any faith or spiritual practices, it is a ‘journey of once in a lifetime’.

Though today this sacred mountain is in TAR, China it was the centre of spiritual refuge, veneration and a source of inspiration from the beginning of time. This unparalleled pilgrimage is considered to be the path of “Salvation” and at the same time is regarded as the greatest and hardest of all earthly pilgrimages.



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