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A Female Shamaness, Mata, Invoking her Helping Spirits

Nepali Jhankri-Shaman’s Seven Level Thaan-altar

Nagas-Makaras, the givers of rain and fertility


October 24, 2020

SEWA-SERGYAM, a ritual of acknowledgement and offering incense- Khasa-Dhami-Shaman, Jhapa, Nepal

Limbu-Yakthung Phedangba-Shamans in Ceremonial Dance

Explore Nepali Shamanism

Banjhankri- the Forest Shaman Incorporation by Tamang Jhankrini Didi

Shamanism in Nepal with Bhola Banstola.

Seeing, perceiving and understanding the Nature is the work of a shaman

Nepali Shamanism with Bhola Banstola.

Century-long Journey of a Jhanklri- Shaman, Moti Banstola!

Shamanism in Nepal with Bhola Banstola.

Kala Banstola Mata makes offerings to the Nagas and others spirits


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