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This course is designed to give a comprehensive introduction to working with the Elements which comprise our Universe and pervade all aspects of our lives.

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Bhola has been using Zoom to reach his students, which has been very successful.

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Workshops on Nepali Shamanism
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Practical theoretical courses of Nepali Shamanism

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To learn more about Nepali Shamanism, we provide videos on Nepali Shamanism

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Join Shamans from all seven provinces of Nepal, and from around the world in Celebration, Conference and Ceremony.

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The basis of all Shamanism is the relationship we have with the Elements and Elemental Spirits. The Five Elements are essential to all life. As it is the role of the Shaman to restore balance and harmony, we examine the condition of the Elements in the environment and within the body itself, seeking the best means to heal.

This course is designed to give a comprehensive introduction to working with the Elements which comprise our Universe and pervade all aspects of our lives. We now understand the Environment and Ecology as significant globally, and it is even more relevant to our Shamanic work that we understand and integrate work with the Elements into our ceremonies and our personal lives.

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My name is Bhola Banstola, a 27th Generation Jhankri Shaman from Nepal.
Welcome to my website, where I hope to help you understand my path, and also to invite you to join in with the courses we offer.

It is my greatest wish to preserve and share the Shamanism of my tradition, to keep it alive and to bring it to new generations of practitioners. I also support Nepali education and culture through my work and the kindness of others. I believe that a Shaman should always serve their community in the best way they can.

Shamanism in Nepal, as in other places, is based on an animistic belief that honours Mother Earth, elemental beings and respects the spirit that resides in all living beings. This universal worldview is vital in preserving the ecology of the land and in bringing harmony and universal brotherhood and sisterhood to all things, both tangible and intangible.

Shamanic sources of power come from honouring the ancestors, lineage protectors, Mother Earth and the spirits of the place where the Shaman performs his or her ceremonies. The Shamans must call on the Guardian Spirits of Earth and the Deities who are all partners in the work. The hidden sacred language of the land is felt in the form of rhythms, vibrations, and warm and cold sensations in the physical body. Understanding this language, the shaman always honours the spirits of the place they practice, and requests their permission and blessings. The Elements within the body and those of the land are powerfully connected and this relationship is integral to the way a Shaman works.

Dhami and Jhankri are the generic terms used throughout Nepal for a Shaman or Healer, both male and female. They are the ones people traditionally consult to re-establish harmony and heal mind and body. These Shamans are the central figures in their communities for they are not only the healers but also the advisers, plant healers, soul guides, storytellers, dancers, singers, artists, and musicians.

They acquire these talents and their spiritual power and wisdom through their personal training and experiences in working with spirits, ancestral deities, elemental spirits, and guides. They can voluntarily modify their state of consciousness to heal individuals and bring harmony into the community.

My blessings to you on your path, with my hope that you may also wish to explore the richness of the Jhankri way.

Sarwa Mangalam

Bhola Banstola

The Nepalese Shamanic Path

The Nepalese Shamanic Path

An experiential guide to the shamanic spiritual practices of the Himalayas shared by a 27th-generation Nepalese shaman.

  • Presents step-by-step, illustrated instructions for authentic Himalayan shamanic practices, including physical and spiritual healing, shamanic journeys, and ceremonies
  • Includes exercises to meet the ancestors in your shamanic lineage, techniques to use your voice as a shamanic tool, and practices for negotiating the spirit world safely
  • Details shamanic chants and rituals, how to create an altar, and the sacred objects of the shaman, along with exercises and techniques for using them properly



    This unique once in a lifetime journey has been designed for dedicated participants who are interested in a powerful and challenging pilgrimage to the most sacred places in the Himalayan region, Mount Kailash.

    During this pilgrimage, we will start the spiritual practices from Kathmandu itself which includes the ceremonies, empowerment, visit sacred places, propitiating the ancestors, the practices and rituals of ‘Chakra-Samhar’-the termination of a cycle, etc. Open to participants of any faith or spiritual practices, it is a ‘journey of once in a lifetime’.
    Though today this sacred mountain is in TAR, China it was the centre of spiritual refuge, veneration and a source of inspiration from the beginning of time. This unparalleled pilgrimage is considered to be the path of “Salvation” and at the same time is regarded as the greatest and hardest of all earthly pilgrimages.

Nepal Shamanic Summit 2021

Nepal Shamanic Summit 2021

September 28-October 11 2021, Kathmandu, Nepal

This summit is a once in a lifetime opportunity to join Shamans from all seven provinces of Nepal, and from around the world in Celebration, Conference and Ceremony.
Meet and Learn from authentic practitionersof indigenous knowledge.
Anyone interested in shamanism, animism and earth-related spirituality is welcome to participate alongside tradition carriers, lineage holders, elders and communities.

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